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    Jessica Testani Creem, MS LAT ATC CAA

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    Jessica built the vision of JTC Athletic Development. She has been a dedicated Athletic Trainer for over 10 years, strength and conditioning coach for 12 years, and soccer coach for 15 years.


    Highlights of her Athletic Training career include Rutgers University where she worked mainly with the football program and DC United-MLS where she worked with the first team as Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning graduate assistant. She also worked with the DC United youth academy teams and travel across the country working along side US Soccer medical staff. She recently received the Connecticut Secondary Schools Athletic Trainer of the Year in 2019.


    Jessica is also a Certified Athletic Administrator through the NIAAA and most recently served as Associate Athletic Director, Athletic Trainer, teacher, and advisor for an independent prep school in CT for 5 years. She is also a CPR/AED/First Aid Certified Instructor through American Red Cross.

  • Testimonials and Success Stories!

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  • Performance

    Individualization is key to a successful program.

    Find your F.I.T.



    evaluation & movement assessment, form & technique, goal setting, injury prevention



    skill & performance building through strength, power, agility, reaction time, mobility, flexibility



    challenge, performance testing, sports specific training


    Athletic Training

    Injury Prevention

    movement screening, education, corrective exercises


    injury assessment, referral opportunity, communication, tele-health


    intervention (taping, bracing, etc.), rehabilitation therapy, recovery

    Medical Coverage

    practice, event, game, medical coverage



    Injuries/injury prevention, ACL, concussion, heat illness, sudden cardiac arrest, shoulder, core, hydration, nutrition, goal setting, proper warm up & cool down, college process..



    Injuries/injury prevention, athletic development, goal setting, nutrition for athletes, college process



    Injuries/injury prevention, concussion, ACL, heat illness, sudden cardiac arrest, shoulder, core, etc, CPR/AED/First aid certification, goal setting, motivating, strength & conditioning tactics, team building

    Sports Psychology


    extrinsic & intrinsic motivation, practice goal setting


    Tools & Skills

    performance anxiety, relaxation, recovery



    attentional focus, imagery

    Club Administration


    policy & procedure writing, mission statements, player & family agreements



    social media strategies, promotional videos, marketing tools


    Community Building

    establishing positive culture within the club, community involvement, community events



    coach evaluation & assessments, player evaluation & assessment protocols, coaching professional development

  • How It Works

    Find your F.I.T



    • All programs start with movement assessment & evaluation 
    • Set your goals & expectations 
    • Together we find best steps moving forward based on your needs and goals. 
    • Individual sessions and packages available. 


    • Individual and group movement assessments & evaluations
    • Goal setting & expectations
    • Package sessions or by season 
    • Performance evaluations


    • Organization and Administration evaluation 
    • Goal setting & expectations
    • Together we find the best steps moving forward based on the club/organizations needs 
    • Season packages
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    Our Mission

    To provide comprehensive athletic development services to athletes, families, coaches, and organizations through education, athletic training, performance coaching, sports psychology, and administration.


    We work each day to make sure you get to where you're going.

  • Core Values

    *Athletes should be developed through a comprehensive approach that serves the individual as a whole.*


    *Education is almost always a profound answer.*


    *There is no one size fits all.*


    *Intervention and correction of movement pattern is key to injury prevention.*


    *Every athlete has more potential to be reached.*


    *Motivation technique should be tailored to the individual being motivated.*


    *Proper preparation is a lot more effective than damage control.*


    *Opportunity should always be equitable.*


    Current Special Programming 


    Athletic Development & Soccer School

    Athletic Development & Soccer School

    This program is for the high school aged soccer athlete. It will be a mix of Injury prevention, strength, speed, power, reaction time, balance, running mechanics, soccer skill, and game specific learning. It provides you with the optimal training and coaching to reach your potential before entering the fall season.!
    Coming soon
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